Commercial estate agents want to see where planning is granted

Michael Lloyd

December 12, 2019

The majority of commercial estate agents (74%) would like data where they can easily see the approval and refusal rate of commercial property planning permissions for any postcode, commercial property agents SavoyStewart has found.

Some 69% think there needs to be improved data when it comes to identifying the average price per square foot that commercial properties have sold for in any given area.

Darren Best, managing director of SavoyStewart, said: “Data has revolutionised the property industry.

“Providing key analytics and metrics on various variables that are enabling property professionals to make more informed decisions.

“As the quantity and quality of data grows, there are various aspects with regards to data that commercial property professionals wish there was more of or could be more fine-tuned to provide greater insights.

“This research certainly highlights the type of data that property professionals hope is more easily available in 2020. With some very surprising outcomes.”

Over half (51%) would like to access more data that demonstrates the commercial property crime statistics for different postcodes across the UK.

Whilst, 40% feel the same about data that will enable them to more accurately assess the average internet speeds in different areas.

On the other end, 32% feel more data is required on 5-year capital growth projections for commercial property in any given postcode.

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