Comparative mortgage tables move one step closer

Amanda Jarvis

November 9, 2001

The latest addition to the FSA’s Comparative Tables has been designed to help consumers compare more than 80 personal and stakeholder pensions, and is based on a series of key factors.

These factors include the effect of charges and deductions over the lifetime of a pension, whether payments are invested in a unit-linked or with-profits fund, and whether a provider charges if payments are increased, decreased or missed.

Christine Farnish, consumer director at the FSA, said: “There is no financial decision that is more important than buying a pension. Our latest Comparative Table makes it easy to see what sort of deal personal pension providers currently offer. It will not choose a pension for you but it does put some useful facts at your fingertips and will help you draw up a shortlist of products to investigate further or talk to your financial advisor about.”

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