Complete FS announces 2nd Ryder Cup challenge

Robyn Hall

October 8, 2013

The competition, which takes place on the 16th October at the Meon Valley Golf & Country Club, will see the mortgage team under team captain, Tony Salentino, look to avenge the 11-5 defeat handed out last year by the bridging and commercial team under the inspired leadership of Phil Jay.

The competition also aims to raise money for Complete FS’s nominated charity of 2013, the Alzheimer’s Society. Last year, their events raised over £1500 for Cancer Research.

Tony Salentino, the defeated captain in last year’s conflict, said: ”This is war. We have had a year to lick our wounds and with new tactics and a strengthened line-up, the Mortgage Team will be looking for revenge and of course, the opportunity to rub my esteemed colleague’s nose in it as he has done to me this past year.”

But Phil Jay hit back: “Having tasted victory last year, it gets to be a habit. So we are looking forward to seeing the Mortgage Team off in similar fashion again! Of course, this is just a bit of fun but the serious part is looking to see if we can break the record for donations to our charity, the Alzheimer’s Society.”

The Mortgage Team

Tony Salentino: Captain

Mark Rookyard: GE Money

Neil Wyatt: Platform Home Loans

Graeme Aitken: Buckinghamshire B. Society

Gordon Rae: Dudley Building Society

Gareth Lewis: Precise Mortgages

Tony Laughran: Kent Reliance

Jeremy Wood: Dudley Building Society

The Bridging and Commercial Team

Phil Jay: Captain

Andy Reid: InterBay

Rob Love: United Trust Bank

Richard Deacon: Masthaven

Pete Turner: Shawbrook

Mark Posniak: Dragonfly

Jonathan Seifert: Hudson Keys

Lorenzo Satchell: Blemain

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