Complete FS to source through Twenty7Tec

Sarah Davidson

April 21, 2015

Intermediaries who are registered with Complete FS can now use the system, while in a month’s time they will gain access on a mobile, tablet or laptop.

Complete FS’s enquiries/placement desk and its underwriters will utilise the system to assist intermediaries in selecting appropriate lenders and products for their clients.

James Tucker, managing director of Twenty7Tec, said: “After a thorough analysis, we are delighted that Complete FS have chosen us as their preferred sourcing system for both in house staff, and introducers.

“Our combined sourcing platform and its focus on accuracy aims to help packagers and distributors, such as Complete FS and their intermediaries, streamline the process of sourcing and submitting business.

“We believe this will not only result in better service to the intermediary market, but most importantly better outcomes for borrowers.”

Twenty7Tec’s sourcing system combines MortgageSource, which is currently used by nearly two thousand intermediaries and LoanSource, the company’s secured lending system.

Tony Salentino, director of Complete FS, said: “We believe this is a major step to improve the sourcing and correct selection of products for the intermediary market.

“In addition it shows real added value to the packager, intermediary, network relationship with the end borrower benefiting from the combined strength and expertise of all parties.

“The second phase of development will allow users to compare a remortgage against a secured loan assisting the intermediary and borrower in making a more informed decision with evidence of the research undertaken to aid the outcome.

“We are delighted to be the first packager/distributor to offer this additional service, which will further improve customer outcomes and support the proposition offered by our placement desk.”

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