Complete produces TCF guide

Amanda Jarvis

March 6, 2006

It is the latest Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) approach and is aimed at supporting its AR members in embedding a culture of TCF and explaining it to their clients. It contains a simple explanation of what the mortgage adviser firm’s duties are, with the emphasis on clarity of communications, suitability of the recommended product, fair dealing and the customer’s right to complain if not fully satisfied.

Complete director Damian Cain, who produced the guide, said: “I am delighted that the Plain English Campaign has given its approval for this guide to carry the crystal mark. A key aspect of TCF is consumer understanding and we were determined to produce a guide which would be of use to all customers irrespective of their knowledge of the market.

“The guide is not an A to Z listing for how TCF should be implemented as there is no such thing. The FSA has made it clear that TCF is a culture under which we should all do business; it is not a set of rules to be followed, and there is no finishing line.

“A panel member at the FSA’s recent TCF workshop pointed out that ‘TCF is a mindset and not about systems or rule books’ and we have followed this principle in producing this customer-facing guide for our AR members. I think the message is loud and clear. Treat customers fairly, be able to demonstrate that you are treating them fairly, and there is nothing to fear. Nice and plain, just the way we like it.”

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