Computershare buys HML

Robyn Hall

November 18, 2014

The Australian firm plans to invest in the third-party mortgage administration company and expand the HML’s offering across the UK.

Andrew Jones, chief executive officer of HML, said: “Computershare becoming our parent company is excellent news for the business and those who work at HML, as well as our clients and their customers.

“Computershare is committed to investing in and growing HML, allowing us to continue to be the leading third-party mortgage administration company in the UK and Ireland.

“With the desire to grow the business and develop the specialist expertise that HML has, it’s clear to me that culturally we are much aligned with Computershare.

“HML has had 25 years of successfully delivering value to clients, customers and our people and this deal will secure the future of the company for many more years to come.”

HML is currently based in Skipton, Derry, Glasgow and Dublin, while in the UK Computershare is based in Bristol, Edinburgh, Halifax, London and Jersey

Naz Sarkar, regional chief executive officer of Computershare, added: “We’re pleased to welcome HML to the Computershare group and I’m delighted that Andrew and his senior team will be remaining with the business.

“Several experienced Computershare staff will be relocating to Skipton to supplement the HML team and assist with the transition to Computershare.

“Together, we’re excited at the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Computershare provides financial and governance services across 22 countries on five continents, employing more than 15,000 people with an annual global turnover of approximately £1.2bn.

The firm previously purchased US-based Specialized Loan Servicing in 2011, helping to double the business’s assets under management to £20bn since.

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