Consumer Panel welcomes FSA compensation move

Amanda Jarvis

March 19, 2003

The rule change proposed by the FSA, in its Consultation Paper 165, will allow the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) to make awards to people with claims against firms which have been dissolved for more than two years.

Some mis-selling cases take a number of years to come to light. If people discover that they may have a mis-selling claim against a company more than two years after it has been dissolved, they will now be able to pursue their claim for compensation from the FSCS. Until now, an unintended and unfair quirk in the rules has excluded these claims.

However, the Panel is still concerned that those consumers who have a claim against a company which was dissolved before the FSCS was in existence – before December 2001 – will still be unable to claim for compensation. The Panel believes there are around 500 consumers who are in this position, whose claims under the previous compensation scheme were rejected because of the same quirk in the rules

Colin Brown, Chairman of the Panel said: “This is something which was brought to our attention by an individual consumer, who had been unable to claim compensation because of this anomaly. The Panel has pursued this problem because, as it was affecting only a few people, it was likely to be ignored. We are pleased that the FSA has responded positively. A relatively small change to the system will have a direct impact on those consumers’ lives, and may go on to help significant numbers of other consumers in the future.”

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