Conveyancing Association Strategic Plan welcomed

Jessica Nangle

March 15, 2017

The Conveyancing Association’s (CA) Strategic Plan launch outlined yesterday has been welcomed by members of the industry.

The plan, entitled ‘Building the Framework for the future’ sets out how the CA intends to deliver three key aims which are broken down into eight work streams.

One of the aims includes better search data provision and Ben Thompson, chief executive of ULS Technology, has welcomed the modernisation.

He said: “The CA should be applauded for stepping forward to take on this challenge along with its members and associated stakeholders.

“There is an element of boiling the ocean about this major initiative, as there is a lot to do, with many third party dependencies amongst other challenges. It is however nice to see the CA put the kettle on.”

Thompson also hopes that the CA’s strategic plan will encourage the conveyancing industry to further embrace technological progression.

He added: “Looking at wider market sectors and how far some have progressed in terms of technology and overall customer service improvements, it is high time the overall industry took conveyancing by the scruff of the neck and reinvented something new.

“Technology is now sufficiently progressed and advanced to at least mean this is no longer a pipe dream.”

The CA also announced it will be lobbying government to secure support in order to eventually mandate for a number of these changes.

Kevin Tunnicliffe, chief executive at SortRefer, added: “Improving the house moving process is such a positive and welcome move for the industry.

“It’s great to hear that there are finally some initiatives working towards improving the process and SortRefer stands ready to assist any positive moves made.”

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