Cornerstone Tax launches stamp duty estimator

Ryan Fowler

October 1, 2019

stamp duty

Cornerstone Tax has launched Stamp Check a subscription based online stamp duty land tax estimator.

Designed in collaboration with Mortgage Professionals and providers of Conveyancing Services, the tool is designed to produce an range of possible tax bills on any given purchase. The tool is compatible with SDLT, LBTT and LTT across the United Kingdom.

David Hannah, principle consultant and founder, Cornerstone Tax, said: “Whether HMRC is willing to admit it or not, SDLT law continues to cause confusion thanks to its unnecessary complexity and nuanced language around exemptions and reliefs. For too long, this broken system has caused SDLT overpayments to the detriment of UK taxpayers.

“HMRC’s unwillingness to invest in a working SDLT calculator leaves a dearth of appropriate digital SDLT tools for financial advisers to use when advising clients, leaving them vulnerable to PI claims and reputational damage.

“It is for this reason that we have invested in creating Stamp Check, a low cost, intuitive and effective tool that will empower even the smallest financial advisory firms with the confidence and paper trail they need to protect themselves from SDLT errors and client claims.”

The estimator costs £30 per calendar month per user.

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