Coventry lowers fixed rate

Andrew Goldsmith

March 19, 2010

In addition to the new lower priced 3 Year Fixed Rate, Coventry has extended its range of popular residential products, including:

* 4.49% 3 Year Fixed Flexx Rate (30.06.13), loan to value 75% (available to remortgagors only)

* 2.19% 2 Year Base Rate Tracker (30.06.12), loan to value 65%

* +2.39% 2 Year Base Rate Tracker (30.06.12), loan to value 75%

Colin Franklin, Sales and Marketing Director at the Coventry, said: “Many people are looking to remortgage from their current Standard Variable Rate onto a competitively priced rate, and are starting to look around given the potential for rising interest rates.

Anyone in this situation should definitely consider the Coventry – with a range of great value products and all the legal work involved in remortgaging included at no additional cost, they will surely save money.”

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