Coventry starts new year with new loans

Nia Williams

January 4, 2011

With commentators split on the timing and pace of future Base Rate rises, the new portfolio includes a range of Base Rate trackers and capped rate mortgages, aimed at offering peace of mind to borrowers.

Commenting, Colin Franklin, sales and marketing director, said: “The Base Rate is expected to rise, but no-one knows when and by how much. That’s why we are offering a choice of marketing-leading options – Base Rate trackers for those who think rates will stay low, or capped rate products for those who want some security should rates start to rise.

“We have also refreshed our fixed and Flexx for Term residential mortgages, and included in the portfolio are low fee and no arrangement fee options.

“We have taken a similar approach with our buy-to-let mortgages too, so this new year portfolio really does offer something for everyone!”

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