Coventry starts notifying brokers when clients’ deals are maturing

Ryan Bembridge

May 15, 2018

Coventry for Intermediaries will now inform brokers when they write to borrowers ahead of their residential or buy-to-let mortgage maturity date.

The society will share a copy of the letter they send to the consumers with the adviser, which recommends they get in touch with the broker to sort out what to do next.

Kevin Purvey, director of intermediaries at Coventry for Intermediaries, said: “Changing a mortgage is a big decision and we believe that brokers should be at the centre of this process.

“That’s why the letter we write to borrowers points them back to their brokers, why we let the brokers know that we’re writing to their client and why we’ve taken the additional step of sharing the letter with them too.

“As well as making sure brokers are included in the maturity process, it shows how much we value the role they play.”

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