Criteria Hub adds new criteria

Jessica Nangle

November 11, 2019

Mark Lofthouse, CEO Mortgage Brain -

Mortgage Brain has confirmed over 100 new buy-to-let and residential search criteria have been added to Criteria Hub.

Criteria Hub has expanded its criteria following suggestions from both advisers and lenders using the system, increasing its existing 700 search criteria.

Additional search criteria include buy-to-let with refurbishment needed and buy-to-let unemployed applicants.

Mark Lofthouse (pictured), chief executive of Mortgage Brain, said: “Access to specific lending criteria is becoming even more vital, as vanilla cases are no longer the norm.

“The majority of the new criteria were suggested by brokers and lenders already using Criteria Hub.

“By expanding the search terms following feedback, we continue to show our support for our customers and recognize their input as integral to providing the systems that they need.

“Our advisers can now provide even better advice and lender options to their customers.

“Our proposition continues to transform the mortgage process, and this development represents our continued commitment to listen, invest and innovate.”

Mortgage Brain saw a 70% increase in usage in the first six months post-acquisition of Criteria Hub.

Mortgage Brain is in the final stages of the integrating Criteria Hub into MortgageBrain Anywhere and MortgageBrain Classic, which is expected to be available in 2020.

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