Criteria Hub to offer free version to brokers

Michael Lloyd

March 15, 2018

Criteria Hub, the criteria engine, will launch a free to use option along with paid subscription based options with full access to the Criteria Hub platform.

This will happen when it completes its pricing review ahead of its formal launch.

The free version will provide access for brokers to look at all lender generated criteria pages in one place. This will save time instead of having to go to different lender websites or hoping that the last written criteria sheet they have is still current.

Jason Hegarty, director of Criteria Hub, said: “From what we have seen and from our own experience as brokers, we all want to save time in researching lender criteria.

“The free option is there for anyone who just wants a one stop shop where they can access lender criteria pages. Lenders partnering with us can also be sure that every adviser who uses Criteria Hub has full access to their printed criteria for free.

“We understand that not everyone will want the deep search facilities we offer to start with, but there is no doubt that many advisers who start on the free version will want to make use of the full menu of services we can offer, once they have tried it.

“We have already had so much great feedback from existing users. They have not only seen that they are saving valuable time, which they can use to concentrate on talking to new customers, but also, thanks to the accuracy of Criteria Hub, more of their cases are going through first time.”

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