Criteria Hub’s top searches shows increasing older life mortgage activity

Michael Lloyd

May 2, 2018


Criteria Hub, the search criteria engine for mortgage advisers, clubs and networks, found the number one search in the residential category was on age limits.

This demonstrates the growing number of cases where older borrowers are looking to seek funding either to raise capital or for new purchases.

In the buy-to-let section the top search was minimum income requirement. The top three searches this year for residential are age limits, defaults and interest-only and the top three buy-to-let searches this year are minimum income requirement, expat buy-to-let and first-time buyers.

Jason Hegarty, director of Criteria Hub said: “We are aiming to publish our data on a regular basis because it does illustrate the kind of cases that advisers are working on and the queries to which they need answers.

“Simple criteria like maximum age limits for residential mortgages and minimum income requirements for buy-to-let cases might not seem important, but the volume of enquiries about the same topic allow us to create a bigger picture of the areas where advisers are seeing the most demand.”

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