Crystal Mortgages appointments

Nia Williams

February 3, 2010

Toby Breeden joins the company as business development manager and is responsible for broadening the client base and promoting the business offering to new brokers. He previously studied marketing at the University of Leeds.

Jackie Luscott has been appointed as senior mortgage processor and will be heading up the newly established development funding team. Between December 2004 to January 2007, she held the title of Joint Office Manager at property surveyors, Thomas Lloyd.

Crystal Mortgages’ senior underwriter, Roger Dewsbery, said: “During the last year we launched a unique near-prime commercial mortgage, sourced a 100% medical product and reintroduced development bridging finance, to name but a few market leading initiatives.

“Given how many major high street banks have been, and still are, reticent to lend, we have been in the wonderful position to assist where many other financial institutions have hindered. This has ultimately resulted in great application and completion figures throughout the business.

“Over the next year we have three more major developments in the pipeline including a brand new service offering, and Toby, Jackie and the rest of the team will be essential in bringing these to fruition and introducing them seamlessly into the market.”

This latest move follows the August appointment of David Parke as its first head of operations for Crystal Commercial Funding, the company’s near-prime commercial mortgage division.

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