CSR: Free debt advice essential say CCCs

Sarah Davidson

October 20, 2010

The CCCS says that the public sector cuts announced in the review will severely limit the ability of those affected in the public and private sectors to maintain their credit commitments.

The debt charity has already seen a rise in the number of its clients on reduced hours and overtime bans and predicts that the public sector cuts will see this grow further.

Delroy Corinaldi, CCCS external affairs director, warns: “Last year, only a quarter of CCCS clients were in a position to repay their debts, and this trend has continued into 2010.

“High numbers of public sector workers are likely to find themselves in this position – most will be people who had been managing their credit very well but redundancy and overtime bans will mean they are now unable to repay what they owe. The private sector can expect a knock-on effect.

“Anyone who finds themselves in this situation is likely to be feeling confused as to how to deal with their debts.

“There will be a lot of companies offering to manage their debts – but at a fee that will usually be charged before they can start repaying their debts.

“They should not be lured to the commercial fee-charging sector who will charge for what is often poor advice, as the recent review of the sector by the Office of Fair Trading found.

“I would urge anyone struggling to repay their debts to seek help from a charity such as CCCS or Citizens Advice who can provide free advice and support. It doesn’t make sense, when you are already struggling financially, to pay for a service that is available for free.”

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