CSR: Review risks Scotland’s recovery

Nia Williams

October 20, 2010

Mr Swinney said: “The UK government will be judged on the decisions it will announce today – decisions that will cut spending too deeply, too quickly and in the wrong place. The Chancellor’s cuts will destroy jobs, and risk economic recovery.

“This is wrong for Scotland and will mean Scots paying for UK economic mismanagement for many years to come.

“Scotland’s economic recovery has been based on a strong capital programme advanced by the Scottish Government. We know we are facing real pressure in our capital budgets next year, but one of the key factors in the size of our capital budget will be whether the UK government lives up to its commitment to deliver a real terms increase in health spending.

“The UK Government must therefore confirm that it will extend its protection of the NHS to include its capital budget. If it does not the UK government will let down every person who believed it was committed to the health service.

“This Scottish Government will stand up for Scotland and work across society to prioritise economic recovery – we will work to protect jobs, protect family incomes and protect the frontline services that people value the most.

“I am determined that Scotland should never be put in the situation again of picking up the pieces from other people’s economic mismanagement.

“We need to have the same financial and economic powers as other nations have, so that we can grow our economy and revenues as the only alternative to a decade or more of Westminster-dictated cuts.

“We have used the powers we have wisely – we now need the same powers as other countries have in order to sort this mess out.”


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