Dale Jannels takes reins at AToM

Nia Williams

May 9, 2011

Vic will remain at AToM as chairman and will continue to be involved in managing the firm’s relationships with other distributors and lenders.

Dale was previously sales and marketing director of the packager and is already on the board. He has been at AToM for 12 years and before that worked at Legal & General.

He will be supported in his new role by his mother Sheila Jannels, AToM finance director and Tim Henson, governance and compliance director.

Vic Jannels said: It’s a different world from when I came into the industry. In fact it’s a different world compared to 10 years ago. We have to move it into the younger bucks’ generation.

“The AToM brand has been work in progress for the past 20 years and has grown into the animal it is today through sheer hard work and dedication in both good times and bad. It is now time for me to hand over the day-to-day management and control of the business to a younger set who can continue to mould and grow the business over the next generation.”

Vic began his career in financial services in 1972 and worked at the Provincial before he and wife Sheila launched AToM in 1991 as an IFA. It grew throughout the 90s and in 2011 he sold the IFA practice and concentrated solely on packaging.

Jannels was also a founding director of the Professional Mortgage Packagers Alliance and served on the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries board for seven years until 2009.

Vic added: “I am not retiring just yet and will be chairman at least for the next year or so.”

Dale added: “I’m excited about this year and what we can achieve. We have more lenders coming on board, we are speaking to networks we’re not currently affiliated with and we plan to grow the business. Vic will still be involved and I’d like to thank him for all the hard work he’s done to get us where we are today.”

Dale’s brother Neal is also an AToM employee where he heads the administration and IT functions. He also runs Horsham Business Services, a website design and management company.

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