Dan Payne: It’s a golden time to be a mortgage broker

Michael Lloyd

November 26, 2018

FCA data reinforces the importance of mortgage brokers, showing it’s is a golden time for brokers, says Dan Payne, managing director of Fluent Mortgages has argued.

He said Fluent has seen more enquiries for complex cases and technology will help firms deal with these.

Payne (pictured) said: “With FCA data confirming that non-advised sales of mortgages represented just 3% of the total in the second quarter of 2018, falling slightly from 4% in the first quarter, it provides incontrovertible evidence of the vital role played by human advisers.

“With all the talk of robo-advice, it is clear that while it might become more popular as technology improves, there can be no doubt that human mortgage advice is now almost universally sought by consumers.

“Make no mistake, there has never been a better time to be a mortgage broker, but advisers cannot afford to be complacent. The mortgage market is evolving and thanks to technology the ways in which customers can engage directly are increasing all the time.”

Payne added: “Those adviser firms who embrace technology that improves the service they give, service their existing customers regularly and recognise that customers with complex situations are their best sources of new business, are the ones which are going to have a strong business next year.

“At Fluent Mortgages, we are seeing a surge in adviser enquiries seeking assistance with complex cases and thanks to the relationships we have developed with many of the UK’s leading specialist lenders, there are solutions available which will help to maintain the primacy of human advice for a long time to come.”

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