Darlington Building Society to offer proc fees on product transfers

Jessica Nangle

January 10, 2020

Darlington Building Society will now pay a 0.20% procuration fee on product transfers for mortgages maturing on or after 31 March 2020.

Paying the fee allows the society to ensure all members have access to whole of market advice throughout the lifetime of their mortgage.

This also hopes to speed up the process for brokers.

Darren Ditchburn, chief customer officer at the Darlington, said: “Borrowers’ circumstances – as well as market conditions – change over time and therefore it’s important that borrowers have access to a full range of mortgage advice options at all times of the mortgage lifecycle.”

The society is currently issuing maturity information packs to all members whose mortgages expire on or after 31 March 2020.

The packs contain a unique reference number that brokers, subject to the customer’s authority, can use to submit a product transfer request online.

On a like-for-like transfer there will be no further client credit checks, and no added legal or valuation costs.

Payments for the transfer will be paid within 10 working days of the product transfer taking place.

Ditchburn added: “We understand the crucial role brokers play in reviewing and advising borrowers on their options at the product maturity stage and are therefore pleased to be able to pay procuration fees where this service has been provided to our members.”

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