Dashboard and Place-Me join forces

Angela Faherty

June 17, 2006

The link-up will allow Dashboard users to source non-conforming and buy-to-let mortgages and second charge loans from Place-Me without having to re-key the information at each individual stage.

The move is an initial step to building closer ties between to the two companies and is aimed at helping brokers save time on the application process.

David Aylmer, joint managing director of Dashboard, commented: “Some of our clients were existing users of Place-Me and wanted to reduce the re-keying required to be able to source using the system. We worked closely with it and Phoenix CPU Ltd to ensure the two products linked well together. This is the first step of the integration and we continue to ensure that our two products will be as integrated as possible going forward.”

The Place-Me software is provided by Phoenix CPU Ltd and the service will be available to subscribers of both systems.

Ernie Reeves, managing director of Phoenix CPU, said: “As a direct response to requests from our users we have built these links with Dashboard. The initial feedback has been fantastic and we look forward to rolling this out to more new clients and working together going forward”

Much emphasis has been placed on technology that saves re-keying information, and brokers have welcomed the increasing prevalence of such systems.

Adrian Kidd, an IFA at Mint Financial Services, said: “It is a real annoyance to re-key so if the details are carried over it saves so much time. When I started out in the industry three years ago, there was a lot of re-keying bits of information, so it shows how far the industry has come along since then.”

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