Dashboard announces Mortgage Angels partnership

Amanda Jarvis

May 12, 2006

Leads from the lead generation firm can now be imported by Dashboard users directly so there is no need to rekey any information.

Mortgage Angles is also offering new Dashboard customers who sign up to the service five free mortgage leads when they purchase 30 leads.

David Aylmer, joint managing director of Dashboard, commented: “We are very excited about this new tie up as it allows all our clients to benefit from a complete lead to completion service, removing all the rekeying of data, so streamlining the solution. We believe this is a unique offering which we are sure many brokers will want to benefit from.”

As well as removing the need to rekey the information when trying to obtain the lead, Dashboard also transfers the information when the lead becomes a case.

Nat Daniels, managing director of Mortgage Angels commented: “By using our monthly lead subscription service and Dashboard as the management system this creates an awesome combination for ensuring business is not missed. Since regulation lead generation has become key and we are confident that we supply high quality leads at competitive prices.”

Adrian Kidd, an IFA for Mint Financial Services, said: “I did experiment with lead generation when I first started out on my own and over about eight months it paid for itself. However, there are other better ways of generating leads. It’s good for people just starting out as it helps you to build momentum but over the long-term you should be generating your own leads from referrals. Also, it can be very hit and miss with the leads you get but it can work out.”

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