Dashboard launches online conveyancing

Ramesh Sharma

April 29, 2006

The software company aims to make it easier and quicker for intermediaries to complete the conveyancing process.

To coincide with the launch, Dashboard is also offering a 10 per cent discount on sale fees and purchase fees for business received in May 2006, excluding disbursements, for properties in England only.

David Aylmer, joint-managing director of Dashboard, commented: “In keeping with our existing e-trading links, the simple click-of-a-button use enables our clients to pass data around without the need for re-keying, thus eliminating errors and the need for re-keying, and so saving time. Previous studies we have done show we can save at least 20 minutes a case just in re-keying time through initiatives like this. This integration has the added benefit of enabling our clients to earn money from the service too so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

The service offered includes fixed conveyancing fees and no fee is paid if the case does not complete.

Technology is also a key part of the service, with online case-tracking and text message updates for the broker.

Dashboard also offers an option to add solicitors to its panel if a broker wanted to use the service but maintain links with an existing solicitor.

Lisa Newey, account manager of Easier2move, said: “Conveyancing is a simple way to earn revenue while also enabling you to control your pipeline. All solicitors on the Dashboard Conveyancing service are on the panels of all major prime and non-conforming lenders. In addition you get paid £100 each transaction and receive comprehensive online case progress reports.”

David Mead, director at Flexible-mortgage.net, said: “It’s not totally unique but anything online that helps speed up the conveyancing process and offers a good service to clients is always welcomed.”

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