Dashly partners with Goldwyns, Green and Green and MortgageFinda

Jake Carter

October 4, 2021

Goldwyns Financial, Green and Green, and MortgageFinda are among the latest firms to partner with mortgage evaluation platform, Dashly.

These are the latest firms to endorse Dashly’s customer-first ‘tech and touch’ approach, meaning advisers and agents can use its specialist algorithms to find personalised products for clients’ unique circumstances.

Martin Myers, managing director at Goldwyns Financial, said: “At a time when the property market is booming, we want to give our clients the best possible service – but we know that to beat our competitors we need to embrace the technology that will give us the edge.

“That’s why using the Dashly platform was a no-brainer. We know we’ve always got whole-of-market best deals, and can retain our customers for a long time to come.”

James Green, founder of Green and Green Mortgage Protection, added: “Buying a house can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life – and our mission has always been to make this easier and, more importantly, transparent.

“Having Dashly’s technology at our fingertips means we can give clients a truly personalised service, and retain our superior brand identity.”

Tom Mullarkey, managing director of MortgageFinda, said: “It’s crucial for my business to have an exemplary relationship with clients throughout their mortgage lifetime.

“Dashly helps me achieve just that – tech that gives me access to whole-of-market deals that are the most suitable for homeowners, so they come back to me for advice time and again.”

Ross Boyd, chief executive of Dashly, added: “This is further proof that Dashly makes the mortgage market work better for everyone involved.

“Borrowers are matched with the most suitable deals, advisers can add genuine value to all client interactions, and now – with our newly-launched Lending Labs offering – lenders too can take advantage of Dashly by designing mortgage products that appeal to the kind of customers they want.”

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