Dashly partners with Hawke Financial Services

Michael Lloyd

November 15, 2019

Dashly, a mortgage switching tool for advisers, has partnered with Paradigm member Hawke Financial Services.

Hawke is adding its entire client base onto co-branded Dashly dashboard which will identify clients that could save money by switching.

Robin Fawke, partner at Hawke Financial Services, said: “Like me, a lot of advisers have been wary about some of the technologies that have emerged in recent years, but they shouldn’t be wary of Dashly, it’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for and it’s free to set up.

“Dashly finds money-saving switches no adviser could and in the process has brought our client book to life.

“It’s given us so many more chances to speak to our clients, which keeps us front of mind in a way that just hasn’t been possible before.

“With a lot of lenders proving increasingly aggressive in approaching our clients, we need to remain on their radars and Dashly tackles this problem head on.”

Ross Boyd, founder of Dashly, added: “It’s fantastic to see Hawke putting our platform to work.

“They already have a strong retention rate but from day one they understood that Dashly is a way for them to embed themselves even deeper into their clients’ financial lives.

“In this day and age, client retention is essential and Dashly addresses this key issue by enabling advisers to speak to their clients far more regularly about potential switching opportunities.

“The predictable, recurring revenue that comes from more regular switching is of course the other major benefit.”

Dashly is running its adviser-only pilot exclusively through Paradigm Mortgage Services members until the New Year, before making itself available to the wider mortgage adviser community in January 2020.

It provides advisers with a whole of mortgage market comparison service, which integrates with multiple CRMs.

When money saving switching opportunities are identified by Dashly, they are flagged to the adviser in real-time, who can then decide, based on their knowledge of the client’s circumstances, whether to contact them.

All clients are given a dashboard by their adviser and receive a personalised home report each month, with up-to-date information on their home’s value and mortgage balance.

Bob Hunt, chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services and a Dashly NED, said: “Like Paradigm, Dashly is 100% behind advisers and is adamant that no matter how powerful the technology, borrowers still need advice.

“It’s a tool that enables you not just to add value for your clients when they won’t be expecting it, but also keep communicating with them through the colourful and co-branded marketing ecosystem Dashly has created.

“With advisers under pressure from all corners, Dashly will play a big part in ensuring 2020 is the year that fintech really makes a positive difference to the relationship between adviser and borrower, enhancing a firm’s brand and creating the cornerstone of its digital strategy.”

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