Deadline for licensed conveyancers to implement anti-fraud measures approaches

Jessica Nangle

October 27, 2017

when lockdown ends

Licensed conveyancers have until Wednesday 1 November to implement mandatory anti-fraud measures, the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) has warned.

The CLC’s mandatory secure badge scheme hopes to reduce the risk of impersonation online through cloned or copied websites, and helps to identify fraudsters setting up fake firms claiming to be regulated by the CLC.

This comes as recent years has seen conveyancers become the subject of fraudulent schemes which have left homebuyers at risk and out of pocket.

Stephen Ward, director of strategy at CLC, said: “We have been extremely pleased to see that the majority of our firms have taken action to install the badge.

“The scheme has been very well received by consumers, providing them with confidence that the website they are visiting is secure and is regulated by the CLC.”

Simon Law, director of DC Law, said: “We have been very impressed with the CLC’s secure badge initiative.

“It’s easy for the other side to check that they are dealing with a genuine firm, it was easy to install and I believe that the introduction of the badge also provides reassurance to any client that they are dealing with a genuine firm.”

The badge is installed through a unique piece of code provided by the CLC which makes it impossible for fraudsters to copy.

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