Demand for rental property at record high

Nia Williams

January 11, 2011

Recent reports have stated that more people than ever are searching for rented accommodation, with three quarters of agents saying that demand is outstripping supply.

This is leaving those who have no choice but to rent at greater risk of being exploited by ‘novelty’ landlords joining the market and offering high priced, poor quality accommodation according to Platinum Property Partners.

Commenting, Nick Carlile, founding partner of Platinum Property Partners, said: “For the many thousands of working professionals looking to rent good quality affordable accommodation there is an alternative to the months of searching, and the offers of grotty property.

“One option is to look into living in a shared house with other working professionals which can provide an affordable, high quality solution.

“There are literally thousands of shared houses across the UK but not all of them are the same. Many are still very grotty and some are frankly death traps. When looking, my advice is to ensure that you check out the landlord as well as the property and don’t be afraid to speak to other house mates.”

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