Direct Line for Business unveils landlord emergency cover

Michael Lloyd

October 1, 2019

Direct Line for Business has launched its landlord emergency cover.

This cover will include call-out charges, costs for labour and materials up to £1,500 per claim and policy-holders able to make as many claims as they need.

There is a 24-hour claims line which will send out a certified contractor to secure or prevent further damage to the property.

Jazz Gakhal, managing director at Direct Line for Business, said: “Emergencies are unfortunately a part of life and often unforeseen.

“This cover gives an element of control back to landlords and tenants.

“No landlord wants their tenant to be faced with unreasonable discomfort, so in the event of an insured emergency, we hope this new cover will allow for a harmonious relationship between landlords and tenants while giving peace of mind to both parties.”

Furthermore, tenants are able to make a claim and have an emergency dealt with on behalf of the landlord.

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