Direct Line unveils unlimited payout GI product

Direct Line has launched a general insurance product with (almost) no limit on the payout if a policyholder’s property is damaged in a disaster such as a fire or flood.

The insurer will payout to repair damage and replace lost or destroyed goods and furnishings.

The offering is part of Direct Line’s comprehensive Select Premier Insurance line.

Nick Brabham, head of SELECT Premier Insurance, commented: “Unlimited cover removes hassle for householders while offering the peace of mind they are fully protected whatever happens.

“Far too many people are underinsured and could find themselves out of pocket, unable to repair their homes or replace cherished items, if a disaster were to strike such as they were burgled or their home was flooded.”

The only limits are on fine art and jewellery, which have a 10,000 single article limit.

There is no upper limit on the value claimed for bicycles as long as they have been locked to a fixed structure.

The contents of 52% of UK properties are underinsured.

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