Don’t turn down commercial enquiries

Robyn Hall

March 25, 2013

Over the past three months, Brightstar has been polling its introducers over what areas of the mortgage market bother them.

Apart from the difficulties of working with computer credit scoring residential lenders, the other main area was antipathy towards commercial enquiries.

Brightstar Financial’s commercial mortgage specialist Rob Collins says the perception of difficulty in placing enquiries, along with lack of good contacts with lenders, the time spent to get to completion and the paperwork required, were all cited as reasons why brokers tended to steer clear.

He said: “I can sympathise with brokers. The commercial mortgage market can be a tough area. However, it can be very rewarding and rather than turn enquiries away or be put off when there is a rejection, Brightstar offers brokers an alternative route. We take away all the time wasting and provide brokers with a resource which means that their enquiries can be dealt with in a highly professional manner. If we can’t place it no one can!”

Rob Jupp, CEO at Brightstar Financial, added: “Rob Collins’ knowledge and experience have taken our commercial mortgage service to a new level. In the three months since he joined us, our success rate for placing and completing commercial deals has been astonishing and we are delighted that the decision to hire him has had such a positive effect on Brightstar’s overall specialist capability.”

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