Douglas Cochrane set to retire from Lloyds

Michael Lloyd

January 14, 2020

Douglas Cochrane is set to retire as head of housing development at Lloyds Banking Group.

Cochrane, who has worked in the role since 1979, will start his transition period on 1 April as he helps to support a handover to a successor.

Esther Dijkstra, director of strategic partnerships, said: “It is with understandably mixed emotions that I’ve agreed a flexible basis for Douglas Cochrane, head of housing development to retire.

“Douglas’s transition will start on the 1 of April as he has kindly agreed to support a successor to complete a comprehensive handover and so he will work part-time until the summer.

“This transition reflects the value we place on the continuity of your partnership with Lloyds Banking Group and the contribution that our Housing Development team brings to the house building sector.

“Douglas has been with Lloyds Banking Group for over 40 years and his contributions to the house building market have been instrumental in making it a better industry for builders, mortgage lenders and the customer.

“His influence has reached far beyond Lloyds Banking Group and he will be missed across government, regulators, industry bodies, house builders and many others across our industry.

“On behalf of Lloyds Banking Group I would like to thank Douglas for all of his contributions.

“He plans to spend more time with his family.”

Cochrane won the Lifetime Achievement award at the Scottish Mortgage Award’s 2019.

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