Douglas & Gordon: Pandemic makes FTBs regret moving away from families

Jake Carter

April 9, 2021


Lockdown has made 80% of first-time buyers (FTBs) unhappy about living far away from loved ones, according to a poll conducted by estate agents Douglas & Gordon.

A 2020 survey by Zoopla showed that more than three-quarters of first-time buyers chose not to buy in the same area as their parents, while almost half moved more than 20 miles away from their parents’ home.

This correlates with the poll, which found hat 35% had family living nearby, with 65% saying theirs live either miles away or in other towns or counties.

Due to the pandemic, more than half of Brits (60%) admit they have not seen their families in six months or longer due to lockdown, and the majority say they would be willing to move to a new home right now if it meant living closer to loved ones.

Brian Smith, chief operating officer at Douglas & Gordon, said: “The last year had a huge impact on how we think about our homes and factors like space, gardens and outdoor access.

“Our latest survey also shows how important proximity to loved ones has become.

“Having passed one year of COVID-19 restrictions, we’re all counting down the days to be reunited with family and friends.

“This time apart could see new trends emerge around how people prioritise property location in the future.”

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