Dudley: Bring us your rejected cases

Mortgage Introducer

September 1, 2015

The society said it will offer a champagne prize for what it deems ‘the best entry’.

Jonathan Moore, Dudley’s head of credit, “We want to try and highlight that there are lenders in the market who will look beyond a tick box underwriting mentality. This is not a shortcut to agree poor cases or ones which are not in the client’s best interest, but to show brokers that common sense lending is still alive.

“I shall be looking at every case which comes in and we will be using these cases to help train our underwriters to look for what is good and not so good about a case. If we can lend on, what on the face of it, was a wooden hut in a forest, then we can help more brokers find a positive result for their clients and their individual circumstances.”

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