Dudley lifts lending restrictions

Robyn Hall

February 21, 2013

The offers include a new 2-Year discounted rate deal at 2.29% for up to 75% loan to value and a 3-year fixed rate at 4.39% for up to 90% LTV.

Jeremy Wood, chief executive of Dudley, said: “Up until relatively recently, we were a little concerned that we did not want to be flooded out and deal with large volumes.

“But the market has changed significantly over the past few months and availability of finance is much better, so we thought instead of making our lending restrictive let’s make it available to all comers.

“We feel that a competitive discounted rate offers borrowers real choice and our 2-year discounted date will provide them with a cost-effective option for their mortgage.”

Dudley’s new range will be available through selected intermediaries or directly from the society.

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