Durham Money director self isolating for 12 weeks

Jake Carter

March 27, 2020

Matthew Sibley director of Durham Money has been forced in to self-isolation for 12 weeks after being classed as a vulnerable person.

Sibley has been classed as vulnerable following a kidney transplant.

He was previously on dialysis machine, however, received a cadaveric transplant 10 years ago.

Following Sibley’s transplant, he sat his CeMAP exams while convalescing.

With isolation for the masses now in action, Sibley urges the broking community to use this down time wisely.

He suggests studying, learning new skills, and to plan for the upturn.

Sibley said: “The market is now shut for the foreseeable future and following my recent health issues I have had to take the responsible decision to lock myself away for 12 weeks.

“I would rather be at the helm directing operations but I am lucky that I have a great team around me and with technology we can all thankfully carry on running our businesses from home.

“But what I wanted to highlight here above everything else is never take your health for granted. I am here today living a happy life with my young family in the full knowledge that someone else died in order for me to be able to do that.

“Many good things can from adversity and now is the time to focus on what we can control and not waste energy worrying about the things that we can’t.”

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