e-finity calls for honest approach to lead generation

Sam Cordon

July 1, 2013

Edwards has called for an end to the “shady” practices which he claims are used by some affiliates to generate consumer interest.

Edwards said: “Mortgage lead generation has changed significantly since the early 2000s and a shrinking number of available products and decreasing margins has drastically affected the mortgage market and independent brokers.

“A decreasing value of lead has led to the practice of “double selling” and misleading affiliate submit buttons, which “trick” a consumer into submitting their details. We are vehemently opposed to this approach”.

Launched earlier this year, e-finity was founded by former directors of The Fair Investment Company and LeadPoint and trades more than a thousand leads per day in over five products.

Edwards said: “We focus on end-to-end tracking to improve the lead generation experience for the affiliate, the advertisers and crucially the consumer.

“Buyers of leads feedback to our platform in real time, to tell us which media sources do and don’t work, which is then instantly fed back to the media campaigns of our suppliers and partners”

Steve Harness, director of business development at TurnKey Mortgages and mortgage product launch partner for e-finity Leads, said: “e-finity have a refreshing approach to lead generation and have quickly out performed many of our established marketing partners.

“Matt and the team have an honest, upfront way of doing business and we’re constantly growing our spend with them”

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