E2M teams up with PMP

Amanda Jarvis

June 1, 2006

The service will be white labelled under the PMP corporate umbrella as PMP HIPS. PMP were one of the first networks to launch a HIP proposition to their members ahead of the June 2007 deadline for the formal introduction of HIPS.

A recent broker survey conducted by PMP and E2M, showed that although the vast majority of brokers are aware of HIPs, 45 per cent of brokers have yet to make any provision for their introduction. Of those brokers questioned about HIPS, 35 per cent are worried about increased competition from estate agents once they go live.

E2M has designed its service to fit into the PMP systems. Members can check case progress online and get updates on a weekly basis from an account manager.

Karen Babington, sales and marketing director for Easier2Move, said: “We are delighted to be working with PMP Network to provide HIPs to their network. Our recent survey highlighted that a worrying amount of brokers are completely unprepared for the introduction of HIPs in 2007. With additional competition from the likes of ASDA supermarket, who have announced they will be selling houses online and offering a HIP for each property, it is imperative brokers start looking seriously at their HIP provision as soon as possible. Therefore it is encouraging to see such a major network taking positive steps to offer this service to their members.”

Bob Scott, ceo of PMP, commented: “PMP HIPS will allow our network of brokers to greatly increase their potential revenue streams and will help extend our brand into new business areas. E2M is a respected and well established provider and are extremely well placed to help us offer an efficient, competitive service to our members.”

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