Easier2Move joins AHIPPs

Amanda Jarvis

January 9, 2006

Home Information Packs (HIPS) will become compulsory from 1st June 2007 and the industry is currently gearing up for the trials, which are due to start in Summer 2006.

Full membership of AHIPPS means that Easier2Move will have the opportunity to contribute heavily towards industry decisions on HIPS policy and at the same time influence government and other stakeholders as to the regulation of these products. 

In addition, as part of AHIPPS, Easier2Move will be actively involved in setting best practice standard and guidelines for the industry. AHIPPS standards will help ensure a high quality product is bought to market with an industry “kitemark” helping to build consumer confidence in the product.

Karen Babington, sales and marketing director at Easier2Move commented: “Easier2Move is delighted to have joined AHIPP and therefore be at the forefront of the HIPS industry. As a leading online conveyancer we have a vested interest in ensuring the implementation of HIPS legislation benefits both the industry and consumers.”

Mike Ockenden, director-general of AHIPPS responded: “We are pleased to welcome Easier2Move to AHIPPS and look forward to a long and productive working relationship with them. With the introduction of HIPS it is vital that leading bodies within the industry, such as Easier2Move, are involved from the earliest stages to ensure that the interests of the consumer are well served.”

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