Economic Crime Plan report welcomed

Robyn Ashman

July 25, 2019

MPs debate SDLT holiday

The government’s Economic Crime Plan report has been welcomed by the UK property sector. 

The plan provides information on action being taken by the public and private sectors to ensure that the UK cannot be abused for economic crime.

It sets out seven priority areas that were agreed in January 2019 by the Economic Crime Strategic Board, the ministerial level public-private board charged with setting the UK’s strategic priorities for combatting economic crime.

The areas included developing a better understanding of the threat posed by economic crime and the government’s performance in combatting economic crime.

It also outlined plans for the better sharing and usage of information between the public and private sectors.

Mark Hayward, chief executive, NAEA Propertymark said: “I wholly welcome today’s report on economic crime. Having sat on the Economic Crime Strategic Board, I am immensely encouraged that all sectors have come together to produce this focused and significant document that will greatly assist in combating economic crime in the UK property sector.”

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