Eddie Goldsmith – there is still work to do at the Conveyancing Association

Ryan Bembridge

July 3, 2018

Eddie Goldsmith won’t just be dedicating more time to his guitar after retiring from GWlegal.

He will take a leading role in organising the Conveyancing Association’s December conference, happening at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.

Goldsmith also wants to help digitilise the conveyancing process with the trade body.

He is now senior adviser at the association,  having been chairman until last week.

Goldsmith said: “I’ve still got things to do in the wacky world of conveyancing.

“The government has issued its report on conveyancing and acknowledges it’s not fit for purpose.

“We at the Conveyancing Association are going to make it fit for purpose.”

He added: “People go into estate agents, agree to buy a property, agree the price, walk out and don’t know for two to three months if there’s a legal commitment for the sellers to sell to them.

“That creates so much uncertainty. There needs to be more up-front information so people can commit early on to purchasing a property.

“To have people waiting around for months is not fit for purpose for 21st century clients.

“The whole system needs to be digitalised to conduct all the searches and enquiries from your desktop instantaneously.

“There’s a lot to do and it will take a number of years to achieve it. But we’re on the road.”

He may have retired from GWlegal but Goldsmith is as driven as ever.

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