eKeeper adds integrated AML powered by Experian

Jake Carter

March 18, 2020


eKeeper has launched integrated anti-money laundering and consumer credit reports, which are powered by Experian.

The reports will go into the firm’s broker customer relationship management system.

New and existing users of the eKeeper CRM can obtain an AML check and consumer credit report using existing lead or case information, according to the firm.

Once the AML check and credit reports on client are obtained by a broker, all data and PDF documents are returned back to the CRM for the broker to review, it adds.

The new feature removes another unnecessary delay as previously credit reports could only be requested from the client.

David Bennett, commercial director of the eKeeper Group, said: “This is a CRM first for the mortgage intermediary market.

“We don’t dictate where in the journey a broker may or may not want to perform an AML check or obtain the credit report, they are integrated tools within the eKeeper CRM so the broker can decide when, where and for whom.

“Far too often we hear about horror cases that drain advisers’ time in hours and sometimes days, often on things that could have been caught and identified far earlier in the process through AML and credit reports.”

Lisa Fretwell, managing director of data services at Experian, added: “Waiting on a customer to provide crucial documentation, including a copy of their credit report, can often be time consuming.

“Time that could be better spent giving the customer the advice they need to ensure they select the most suitable product available to them.

“Experian’s solution provides brokers with the relevant information within seconds, significantly speeding up the mortgage process and enabling a much-improved customer outcome.”

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