eKeeper integrates CRM solution with Zapier

Michael Lloyd

September 24, 2019

David Bennett eKeeper

The eKeeper Group has successfully integrated its CRM solution with Zapier.

The automation tool provides two-way access in and out of the CRM into 1,500 different online applications which include SalesForce, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and MailChimp.

David Bennett (pictured), commercial director of eKeeper, said: “Technology continues to enable intermediaries to acquire and service their clients using the solutions they are used to.

“Following feedback from our growing customer base, the need to push enquiries from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram without the need to rekey that data is becoming more of a priority.

“This integration is about understanding the flow of the sales process and how leads need to move from third-party platforms into the CRM seamlessly.”

Bennett confirmed that the integration supports two-way communication to push leads into the CRM as well as hooks that can notify external platforms throughout the sales process and at key workflow touchpoints.

Bennett added: “We’re entering a period where an intermediary’s CRM is not a single source of interaction.

“The CRM will continue to be that central point and repository that handles leads, fact-finding, sourcing, administration etc, but it should never prevent an innovative organisation from looking to expand its use of technology.

“This integration is there to support those organisations to deliver the customer journey that works for them.”

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