em-homeloans announces Platform exclusives

Amanda Jarvis

January 12, 2005

The first is a Right to Buy market leading discount of 2.45% for one year, available up to 75% LTV. Initial rates are as low as 4.92% with a procuration fee payable of 1.25%.

Also available is the two year discount of 1.75%, available on light, medium, and fast-track products, plus £250 cash back. Initial rates start from 5.12%, with a procuration fee payable of 1.25%.

The final exclusive accessible via the em-homeloans Px Range is the Five year Buy to Let Tracker, 0.74% above BBR. Initial rates start from 5.49%, with a maximum LTV of 85%, and a procuration fee payable of 0.5%. Rental calculation for this product is at 125% of the interest only payment.

Redemptions for the first two products are 6%, 6%, 5%, then one month’s notice or interest. For the Buy to Let product, the redemption penalty is 4% for five years, then one month’s notice or interest.

Stuart Brumhill Head of Marketing says, ‘We are delighted to start 2005 with such a strong portfolio of products. We have worked closely with Platform to develop these latest market leading products. With the introduction of these exclusives coupled with our in-house underwriting facilities, brokers will reap the benefits of these deals.’

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