em- puts its money where its mouth is

Amanda Jarvis

January 6, 2006

Guy Garrard, director of business development at em- said: ‘The response from brokers to our free valuations no application fee offer has been incredible.”

“Working so closely with our broker partners has enabled us to create products and initiatives that directly match client and broker needs. The fact that we can continue with this initiative indefinitely certainly strengthens our position in the marketplace as a quality provider. Unlike some, we’re putting our money where our mouth is and adding value.”

We are very proud to have led the way with this initiative. Certainly there are other key players that have followed our lead and we welcome that. However no other branded lender is prepared to run a programme with the same level of commitment and longevity as we have. Even our competitors with much talked about huge financial backing.”

em-homeloans, the residential branded lending arm of em-financial, provides brokers with the ability to access exclusive products, onsite lender underwriters, onsite offers, and onsite completions; all to a market leading standard of added value, quality and turnaround time.

As one of the country’s leading packagers and branded lenders, em- offer a comprehensive product portfolio covering the entire lending spectrum including: residential, commercial, and international mortgages as well as bridging and secured loans.

For more information on these exclusives and other em-services contact em- on marketing@em-financial.co.uk or call the mortgage desk on 08700 621 528.

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