EMBA Group and Brentchase exit Personal Touch

Robyn Hall

November 6, 2012

Brentchase and Rodney Sulkin have already left and over the next six weeks the other seven firms in the EMBA Group will also make the move.

Mike Fitzgerald, sales and marketing director for the EMBA Group and director of his firm Brentchase Financial Services, said: “We looked at all the networks and Julian Harris was the perfect fit for us. In fact it’s a marriage made in heaven.

“Unfortunately PTFS decided that they do not want umbrella groups going forward. We on the other hand wanted to expand our group and after speaking to quite a few networks we are very happy to join Julian Harris.”

And Fitzgerald added: “The support staff at PTFS are lovely and I’ve known many of them for the eight years I have been a member. However like a lot of good relationships in life often there comes a point when they do have to end unfortunately.”

Julian Harris chief exexutive, Julian Harris Networks, said: “I am very pleased to welcome the EMBA Group to our network.

“I found meeting the group refreshing. I found them to be experienced, wise heads and up to speed with what is happening in our industry.

“I gained the strong impression that they would all give the best and most conscientious advice and service to their clients.

“Mike’s Fitzgerald’s supervisory experience will be an invaluable addition for us and his expanding team. I found we had lots of synergy including the ability for straight, honest, personal communication.”

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