eMoov unveils Veridu identity tool

Ryan Bembridge

July 12, 2016

eMoov has launched tool called Veridu to let UK home sellers verify the identity of people making viewings.

Using the tool users can register by logging into a social media account such as Facebook or Twitter and view a picture of the verified user.

According to eMoov the introduction of Veridu marks a considerable step towards the complete safeguarding of its customers’ safety while it also safeguards them against fraud – particularly in the fast-paced London market.

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Ivan Ramirez, chief technical officer of eMoov, said: “The nature of the house viewing process and the safety risk associated with it, have been an underlying issue within the UK property market for quite some time.

“This latest step is all about the reassurance of eMoov being able to verify the identity of a seller or viewer instantly, providing immediate peace of mind that they are who they say they are, or as close to absolute as can be.

“Not only does Veridu help to safeguard our sellers and viewers themselves, but it also acts as a vital tool in the fight against fraudulent activity, something that seems particularly rife in the UK market due to the speed and price associated with UK property transactions.

“Our approach to tech is to ensure that everything we implement benefits our consumer in one way or another and improves the user journey, not just our offering from an aesthetic point of view. Innovation is what we are all about and we are the first UK agent to offer this function and I’m yet to hear of another globally.”

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