Encore ready for ‘GI Day’

Amanda Jarvis

January 13, 2005

Steve Butler, national sales manager, Encore, said: “Recent market comment has referred to sourcing systems struggling to cope post M-day.  This was not the case with Encore, where our users received minimal disruption.  The updates went out on time, the system was always available and as I have previously stated, we listened to our users and tweaked things accordingly to meet their wishes.


“A great example of this was the decision to allow brokers to self validate KFIs on the minority part of the market where they could not produce validated KFIs using Encore.  Users ringing our Encore Helpline requested the ability to do this, so that they could promote products for all lenders.”


Steve continues “The intention is to approach GI Day with the same professional attitude.  The CIDD has been through rigorous testing and now awaits its launch in time for the implementation of the ICOB regime on 14th January.  To support our customers during this transitional period it is our intention to ensure that the original IDD will remain available.  As always the established Encore helpline which is open longer hours than those provided by some of the other sourcing systems will be available, enabling users greater opportunity to get in touch outside of core working hours when they are busy advising on cases.”


Encore is now one of the most comprehensive sourcing systems ever produced, providing intermediaries with access to every UK lender and nearly 10,000 products.  


Mortgage 2000 mortgage sourcing software includes details of all products from every UK lender at a cost of £23 a month.  Mortgage 2000 currently has 7,500 subscribers. 


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