Enness International hosts launch event

Ryan Bembridge

March 9, 2017

Enness International hosted a launch event last night at the Philip Mould & Company gallery in Pall Mall.

The high net worth broker has launched an office in Monaco and will expand to Dubai in quarter three, as it aims to become a global mortgage broker.

It deals in residential, commercial, bridging and development, while the broker has a multilingual team fluent in French, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian to assist clients with every aspect of European real estate finance.

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Hugh Wade-Jones, managing director of Enness International, told brokers: “I can safely say we are the number one high net worth mortgage broker in the UK, and it is our aim that the launch of Enness International puts us on course to make that accolade worldwide.

“Enness now offers mortgages worldwide and sits at just under 70 people across three offices – two in London and we have just opened a quite beautiful office in Monaco.

“We are also well on course to open another office in Dubai in September after a successful meeting last week with the Dubai Financial Services Authority.”

He added: “I had a look at last month’s numbers this morning and, in February Enness handled a staggering £1.25bn worth of enquiries across the four teams; residential, commercial and development, bridging and international.

“To put that into context, 10 years ago Islay and I were sat in a tiny two-person serviced office and probably handled £10m in a good month, especially in the climate of 2008.”


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