Enness launches HNW referrals

Sarah Davidson

January 18, 2012

Advisers referring HNW deals to Enness can expect to earn between 20% and 40% of fees earned depending on the amount of work involved.

The proposition is specifically aimed at those finance professionals who have clients seeking large loans but may be unable to secure them through mainstream lenders.

Enness has put together a service which enables these professionals to introduce the client and access a number of alternative funding sources allowing the client to benefit from the strong relationships Enness has with private and offshore banks as well as individual funders.

An experienced Enness mortgage adviser will handle both the relationship with the client and the introducing professional, providing mortgage and loan advice to the individual client and ensuring the introducer is kept in the loop at all times up until the payment of their fee on completion.

Enness Private Clients are specialists in the £500,000 plus mortgage market although an increasing amount of its business is for £1m plus loans.

Enness is in the process of finalising its online system, Enness Introducers, which will allow introducing advisers to keep track of their client’s case as it moves through the mortgage process.

Hugh Wade-Jones, director of Enness Private Clients,said: “In today’s marketplace those seeking large loans often have very few, if any, options within the mainstream mortgage market.

“We have built up our expertise in this area and now have relationships with a whole range of private and offshore banks, as well as other private funding options, that are simply not accessible to others.

“This is why we have launched our referral service to ensure that finance professionals who have these types of clients have an option to secure funding if the mainstream avenues are not open.”

Enness said its reputation amongst the private banks in particular continues to grow and that the firm has the technical know-how to deal with the more complex tax and purchasing structures that many high net worth individuals are buying through.

“We know that many IFAs and wealth managers want this level of expertise from the mortgage brokers they introduce to and we fully grasp the mechanics of this which ensures there is no jeopardy when it comes to the ongoing tax planning advice they provide,” said Wade-Jones. “We certainly believe we can support brokers, advisers and wealth managers in this area and by developing a relationship with Enness they can add a much-needed and important string to their bow.”

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